Pco   mew2018afterglow

MEW 2018 Afterglow

April 21st, 2018

Join us for an evening of potluck fellowship where couples bask in the afterglow of the Marriage Enrichment Weekend 2018!

This event is open to all MARRIED (no children allowed, sorry!) and also to all engaged-to-be-married couples who enjoy fellowship with other married couples. It will also give you a sneak preview of what a Marriage Enrichment Weekend feels like.

VENUE: Jordan 1, Level 3, WEFC

Pco   ltp genesis

LTP: A Study of Genesis 1-11

April 22nd - May 27th, 2018

Should we take the origin and early history of mankind as recorded in the first eleven chapters of Genesis literally and seriously? What are the implications of these records to Christians? Was there really a global flood that destroyed all air-breathing creatures and all human beings except a family of eight? Why are there so many races and languages in the world today? This eight-session course will attempt to offer some answers to these questions.

Slider bible study

LTP: Influence — Living and Sharing a Life of Wisdom

April 22nd - May 27th, 2018

$0 - $20

Influence is an 8-week inductive Precept study on mentoring, and it looks to God’s Word for truth about growing mentoring relationships.

This study covers a variety of mentoring relationships and considers not only mentoring benefits but the importance of safeguarding against potential problems. If you want to be used by God to influence others towards godliness, join us in this class.

This event is open to WEFC members and regular worshippers only.


LTP: 栽培8课系列(三)~ 生活原则8课 2018

April 22nd - May 20th, 2018



  1. 信徒的人生目的
  2. 信徒与水礼
  3. 信徒与圣餐
  4. 信徒与时间
  5. 信徒与钱财
  6. 信徒与恩赐
  7. 明白神的指引
  8. 信徒生活原则
Community dinner banner

April WSC Study Awards Community Dinners

April 28th, 2018

This April, we celebrate the achievement of our WSC kids! They've worked hard to make it to the next academic level. To affirm their efforts, we'll be giving them their study awards at the dinners.

We'll also be sharing Jesus' heart and love for each one through dance, art and music performances, games, and through our interactions with those at our tables.

We expect 80+ children and parents each evening:

  • 14th April's dinner is for families with children in primary and secondary school

  • 28th April's dinner is for families with children up to tertiary level, so a slightly older crowd.

So come join us at one or both dinners!

We need people of all ages, because we'll be having children, youth, parents and grandparents from the Woodlands community coming! See you there? :)

Camp logo 2018

Chinese Retreat 2018 华语堂退修营 2018

June 13th - June 16th, 2018

$30 - $420


场地: [Desaru Tunamaya Resort ]


  • Family/friends rooming together are highly recommended to enter multiple names in one registration - eg. 2 adults and 2 children. 我们鼓励家庭和朋友集体报名。
  • After the primary person enters their email and name, you may add one or more people to make it a group registration. 一个人报名之后,将其他成员的名字加入。


  • After you submit your registration, you will receive an email invoice. Show this to the Church Retreat Team on Sunday to make payment via cash or cheque (payable to "Woodlands EFC" with "Church Retreat Registration #1234567" written on back) Deadline for payment is 29 April 2018 . 在成功注册之后,你将会收到确认的电邮。主日到退修营柜台出示此电邮以便付款。请在4月29日之前付清款项。
  • Accommodation, meals, main/children's programs, Singapore-Desaru transfers (2-way) are included. 营会收费包括了来回的交通安排和三餐以及主要活动。 第一天的午餐将会是海鲜大餐,最后一天的午餐自行处理。


  • If you provide your own transport, you can enjoy a reduction of S$30 per person. The amount shown on your invoice is before reduction. 如果你自己安排交通抵达和离开营会场地的话,你可以享用每个人S$30的折扣。在完成网上报名时,你收到的费用总结是还未计算折扣的。你在付费时会自动享用折扣。


  • Subsidies are available for students above 13 and non-working individuals. Please indicate if you are keen to apply. 如果你是在籍学生的话(超过13岁),又或者你已经退休,目前没有收入,你可以申请额外津贴。请在报名时表明意愿。

CLOSING DATE 截止日期: Registration will close on 29 April 2018. 营会报名截止4月29日。

Visa 签证: 中国公民必需要签证。

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION: By submitting your registration you agree that WEFC may collect, use and disclose this data for the purposes of this retreat and services related to your participation in WEFC as a regular worshipper or member.

Pco   pup ruth

LTP: Ruth

July 12th - August 2nd, 2018


If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense?

In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a "kinsman - redeemer" was usually a close relative. If you're a believer, you already have one — Jesus Christ! This rich study shows how Jesus both redeemed and defends us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives.

A great short study to introduce friends to a taste of inductive Bible study!

Pco   building a marriage

LTP: Building a Marriage That Really Works

July 15th - August 19th, 2018


A Blueprint for Building a Love that Lasts

Marriage begins with visions of eternal love, hope, and happiness. Yet, even among Christians, hope too quickly fades. The happiness dims. And love seems too hard to sustain.

It doesn't have to be that way. God designed marriage to be a satisfying, fulfilling relationship, and He created men and women so that they-together, and as one flesh-could reflect His love for the world. Marriage, when lived out as God intended, makes us complete, it brings us joy, and gives our lives fresh meaning.

In this study, you'll examine God's design for marriage, and you'll learn, from the Designer's perspective, what it means to be a godly husband or wife. You'll discover biblical wisdom for pursuing harmony in difficult areas such as finances, communication, and respect for each other's roles. Most important, you'll learn the principles you need to build a love that lasts.

Registration closes 8 July, Sunday.